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M. Bonacini, B. Niethammer and JJL Velázquez
Self-similar gelling solutions for the coagulation equation with diagonal kernel
M. Bonacini, B. Niethammer and JJL Velázquez
Self-similar solutions to coagulation equations with time-dependent tails: the case of homogeneity
Anton Bovier, Loren Coquille and Charline Smadi
Crossing a fitness valley as a metastable transition in a stochastic population model
Anton Bovier, Dmitry Ioffe and Patrick Müller
The hydrodynamics limit for local mean-field dynamics with unbounded spins
S. Conti and G. Dolzmann
An adaptive relaxation algorithm for multiscale problems and application to nematic elastomers
J. Mech. Phys. Solids, to appear 2018
Alexander Effland, Martin Rumpf and Florian Schäfer
Image extrapolation for the time discrete metamorphosis model -- existence and applications
SIAM J. Imaging Sci. 2018
A. Giunti, R. Höfer and J.J.L. Velázquez
Homogenization for the Poisson equation in randomly perforated domains under minimal assumptions on the size of the holes
R. D. James, A. Nota and JJL Velázquez
Self-similar profiles for homoenergetic solutions of the Boltzmann equation: particle velocity distribution and entropy
Muhittin Mungan and M. Mert Terzi
The structure of state transition graphs in hysteresis models with return point memory. I. General Theory
B. Niethammer, A. Nota, S. Throm and J.J.L. Velázquez
Self-similar asymptotic behavior for the solutions of a linear coagulation equation
JJL Velázquez R. Winter
The two-particle correlation function for systems with long-range interactions


Martina Baar and Anton Bovier
The polymorphic evolution sequence for populations with phenotypic plasticity
Kaveh Bashiri
A note on the metastability in three modifications of the standard Ising model
Benjamin Berkels, Michael Buchner, Alexander Effland, Martin Rumpf and Steffen Schmitz-Valckenberg
GPU Based Image Geodesics for Optical Coherence Tomography
In Bildverarbeitung für die Medizin, Informatik aktuell
page 68--73.
Publisher: Springer
Anton Bovier, Loren Coquille and Rebecca Neukirch
The recovery of a recessive allele in a Mendelian dipoloid model
Antonin Chambolle, Sergio Conti and Gilles A. Francfort
Approximation of a britte fracture energy with the constraint of non-interpenetration
Arch. Ration. Mech. Anal. 2017
S. Chhita, P.L. Ferrari and F.L. Toninelli
Speed and fluctuations for some driven dimer models
preprint: arXiv:1705.07641 2017
S. Conti, M. Klar and B. Zwicknagl
Piecewise affine stress-free martensitic inclusions in planar nonlinear elasticity
Proc. Roy. Soc. A, 473(2203) 2017
Carlota M. Cuesta, Hans Knüpfer and J.J. L. Velázquez
Self-similar lifting and persistent touch-down points in the thin film equation
Alexander Effland, Martin Rumpf and Florian Schäfer
Time discrete extrapolation in a Riemannian space of images
In Proc. of International Conference on Scale Space and Variational Methods in Computer Vision, Volume 10302
page 473--485.
Publisher: Springer, Cham