A – From quantum mechanics to condensed matter and materials science

The projects in Project Group A cover a broad spectrum of mathematical models for the descriptions of matter, from field theory through N-body quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics and kinetic models to mesoscopic descriptions of defects and microstructure. The overarching goal is to capture and analyse emergent effects in these descriptions.

A02 Classical and quantum kinetic equations (Velázquez)
A04 Statistical mechanics for lattice models of elasticity (Bovier, Müller)
A05 From pair potentials to macroscopic plasticity (Conti, Müller, Ortiz)
A06 Hysteresis and microstructure in shape memory alloys (Conti, Zwicknagl)
A07 Sparse grid methods for the electronic Schrödinger equation and mesoscopic material models (Griebel)
A08 Nonlinear sigma models (Disertori)


Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Stefan Müller
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